The “Living the Dream” idea started in 1965 when I was fifteen years old on my parents farm in the Kliprivier valley near Heidelberg in the province then known as Transvaal…

When the curiosity became too much to bear one day I took my horse and crossed the Kliprivier… The horse was eventually sold and with that money I bought a bike and many trips followed.

On the 9th May 2015 “Living the Dream Around The World Tour” started. My intentions were to do it in two stages. The first stage would be from Johannesburg through Eastern Africa to Egypt. From Egypt I would travel through the Suez Canal to the Sinai Desert and then to Israel. From Israel I would travel by ferry over the Mediterranean Sea entering Europe at Italy and then through various countries ending stage one in England.


When Schalk started travelling around Africa the idea for selling his book was far from his mind.


Taking up the challenge of getting across Africa on a motorbike had its own many pitfalls.