Schalk riding through Zimbabwe

Elias was a very interesting young guy. He has been travelling the Asian countries for two years, and then went home to earn more money. He then started his trip and came down southwards on the west side of Africa. When I met him he was on his way back north up on the east side of Africa.
I arrived at the border and cleared customs only to find out to my dismay that the bridge had been blocked since six o'clock that morning. A truck had parked on an uphill and for some reason ran downhill and jackknifed across the bridge between Zimbabwe and Mozambique.
Once out of the border control area I pushed on to cover the three hundred kilometres and arrived at Parque Nacional de Gorongosa at sunset. The last stretch was full of potholes and I scraped my bash plate on the bike in one pothole in the town of Chimoio. The thumper handled the potholes very well as long as I had enough speed.

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