My Journey Through Africa

  • The next day I went through the Zimbabwe border which took two hours to clear customs...

  • I pushed on to cover the three hundred kilometres and arrived at Parque Nacional de Gorongosa at sunset...

  • Saturday I rested and updated Facebook and the Wild Dog Adventure Bike forum. It was the first time that I had internet access since leaving home.

  • Piki Piki's are small taxi bikes 125cc-200cc with sometimes three people or two grown-ups with three children.

  • When I reached the Equator I bought myself a Coca Cola at a spaza shop, which was situated on the Equator. I chatted to the owner and some people...

Schalk at the Uganda Equator

Schalk van der Merwe

The "Living The Dream" idea started in 1965 when I was fifteen years old on my parent's farm in the Kliprivier valley near Heidelberg in the province then known as Transvaal

I always looked at the Suikerbosrand Mountains from home which was about six kilometers away as a bird would fly, wondering what was lying behind them.

When the curiosity became too much to bear one day I took my horse and crossed the Kliprivier. I took a pair of pliers along which was all I needed to overcome any obstacle in my way. My destiny? The mountains beyond and nothing would stop me!

When I came to a barbed wire fence I would simply loosen the wires for the horse to pass until I reached the Suikerbosrand Mountains. On the way I found a security fence with a notice board and a stern warning; "South African Defence Force Missile Testing Site - Do Not Enter!" I duly cut the fence and went all the way to the top until I could see what was lying beyond those mountains.

From there the curiosity never stopped and I always wanted to see what was lying on the other side of the next hill.

Schalk van der Merwe The Journey begins

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